In Germany, before you are allowed to open a shop or train apprentices you must pass a demanding Meisterprüfung (Masters' Examination), only then are you allowed to use the title Master. This is not just for a Konditormeister (Master Pastry Chef) or Bäckermeister (Master Baker), but for most professional trades such as Millers, Hairdressers, Butchers, etc.

The Masters' Examination is not just ensuring you have the necessary skills of your trade, but includes all aspects of running a business from accounting, marketing and law to how to train apprentices.

Falko studied and passed his Meisterprüfung (Masters' Examination) in Stuttgart in 2003, where he was then asked if he would like to stay and take the place of his tutor who was retiring. Fortunately for the cake-loving Edinburgh population he decided to move back to Scotland to start his own Konditorei.

The theme Falko chose for his Masters' practical work was Scotland.