Falko - The German Baker

Published on 25 Jul 2012

Falko is a short documentary about Falko Burkert, a German pastry chef and bakery owner in Edinburgh.

He bakes according to special German baking rules and guarantees high quality products. Baking for him is a craft, but it is also an art that takes time. His cafe is very dear to many Germans in Edinburgh, Falko himself included.

Falko cherishes everything from the past and he wants to keep the coffee house tradition alive that he still remembers from his childhood in Germany. He does not want this tradition to be forgotten and he shows us photographs of cafes from the 1930s, explaining that this is the way cafes used to be and in his opinion the only way they should be like.

We follow Falko not only geographically from Gullane to Edinburgh, but as we travel with him through time he tells us about his earlier years and principles. We follow bread and apple strudel from ingredients to finish and experience the passing of time through Falko's products. Written and directed by Alexandra Junginger; Edited by Dan Jewell

Date First Broadcast: 

July, 2012