There's no room on the shelf for self-raising flour in a professional Pastry Chef's kitchen

Falko Burkert

Our products change regularly depending upon what's in season, what we feel like making and, of course, what our customers request.

"Nobody makes things this way any more" is quite often exclaimed when new pastry chefs join our team. They are, of course, referring to the labour-intensive, traditional methods Falko employs and his antique baking equipment and utensils that are more likely to adorn people's walls as decoration, rather than being used as originally intended.

The quality of the ingredients is vital to us. If we can't source ingredients that meet our specifications then we won't make that product. We would rather disappoint our customers by not having their favourite product than making it with ingredients with which we're not fully happy.

On his days off, Falko can often be found scouring Antique shops looking for baking equipment to be rescued and given a new working life again.