We bake Baumkuchen frequently throughout the Winter but not every weekThe Baumkuchen (literally "Tree Cake") is the symbol of the Konditor (pastry chef) in Germany, where baking the perfect Baumkuchen is a critical part of the Konditormeister mastership examination.

The cake is made by pouring the cake batter layer by layer on a rotating spit over open flames. The art is to bake each layer enough that it is strong enough to hold the next layer, but not bake it for too long or it will become dry. Many layers are added then, after cooling, the whole cake is covered with apricot preserve & a thin sugar glaze to form an airtight seal. When cut, the cake reveals the characteristic tree rings that give it its name.

Falko demonstrated baking his Baumkuchen on BBC1's Paul Hollywood's Pies & Puds, BBC2's Rachel Allen's Bake! television programme and ITV's 2012 Britain's Best Bakery.

Serving suggestion: Baumkuchen is best served by cutting across the ring to yield thin slivers, about the thickness of smoked salmon. Eat slowly to allow the delicate flavours of cinnamon, pimento and tonka bean develop on your tongue. Baumkuchen goes particularly well with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.


Allergens & Special Diets: 

    • Alcohol
      • Glaze (rum)
    • Vegetarian
    • Dairy
      • Butter
    • Gluten
      • Wheat
    • Nut
      • Hazelnut